Waterproofing A Leaky Residential Basement

Posted on: 2 May 2023


Were you relieved to finally get all of the water out of your basement after it flooded during a rainstorm? Unfortunately, you might face the same problem in the future if you do not figure out how the water made it into the basement in the first place. Unless you know that the water came through a basement window or door, it may have seeped into the basement in another way. Your basement not only needs to be repaired, but you should consider getting it waterproofed by professionals. Waterproofing a basement comes with several benefits that can make your duties as a homeowner easier. 

Why a Basement Becomes Leaky

When it rains, the water seeps into the soil near the foundation of your home and causes problems. If the foundation has any cracks, the water that has seeped into the soil can seep through the cracks. Since the basement sits on top of the foundation, it is the first place that the water goes after traveling through the cracks. A basement can also become leaky if there are cracks in the walls that need to be repaired. All repairs to the foundation, walls, windows, doors, and any other areas that are allowing water into the basement should be made before waterproofing takes place.

How Waterproofing Can Help

After your basement has been repaired, several steps can be taken to waterproof the space. Professionals can install an exterior drainage system to prevent water from accumulating in the soil surrounding your home foundation. As a technique for keeping the basement dry in the event of a plumbing line leak, a sump pump can be installed inside the basement. There are several ways in which a basement can be waterproofed, so it should be based on the specific needs of your basement. A contractor can visit your home to discuss the most ideal ways to waterproof your basement.

The Cost of Basement Waterproofing

The cost of waterproofing a basement is not set in stone, meaning it varies for everyone. Several factors are used to determine what basement waterproofing costs. For instance, whether the contractors have to make repairs to the basement or foundation will be considered. The severity of problems that are being repaired is important as well. The waterproofing techniques that are used will be considered, such as how much labor is involved. Request an inspection of your basement and foundation to find out what waterproofing will cost for your home.

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