• 4 Damage-Reducing Tips To Get Started Assessing Repair Needs And Cleaning Up After A Fire

    Often, when a home has been in a fire, hastily cleaning and trampling through the ashes can cause damage to be worse. Therefore, you want to do whatever you can to keep the damage contained while you begin assessing the damaged areas and start cleaning. The following damage-reducing tips will help you prevent problems from getting worse when you begin cleaning up after a fire: Assess the Damage to Your Home Without Stirring Up A Mess and Spreading Ash
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  • Mistakes That May Make A Plumbing Emergency Worse

    Having water come rushing out of your pipes or having all of the drains in your home back up at once are definitely both emergency situations. Your best bet in a plumbing emergency is to call the plumber, take a deep breath, and try not to panic until they arrive. You'll also want to avoid these mistakes that can make a plumbing emergency a whole lot worse.  Mistake: Wading through the water to reach the water main valve.
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