4 Damage-Reducing Tips To Get Started Assessing Repair Needs And Cleaning Up After A Fire

Posted on: 13 December 2019


Often, when a home has been in a fire, hastily cleaning and trampling through the ashes can cause damage to be worse. Therefore, you want to do whatever you can to keep the damage contained while you begin assessing the damaged areas and start cleaning. The following damage-reducing tips will help you prevent problems from getting worse when you begin cleaning up after a fire:

Assess the Damage to Your Home Without Stirring Up A Mess and Spreading Ash

First, you want to assess the damage to your home to determine the repairs that are going to be needed. When assessing the fire damage, use a camera to take photos and try to avoid walking through the debris too much, which can cause it to quickly spread to other areas of your home that may not have been affected.

Protect Areas and Materials That Have Not Been Damaged in The Fire to Prevent Further Damage

There are probably some areas of your home that have not been affected and furniture that you want to save, clean, and restore. Protect the unaffected areas by blocking them off with construction plastic and keep any furniture protected with drop cloths until they can be cleaned.

Begin Cleaning Soot and Smoke Damage Repeatedly to Ensure the Lingering Smells Are Gone After Repairs

The soot and smoke are one of the biggest problems after a fire because the debris can get to areas that were not affected by the fire. Therefore, you want to vigilantly clean the smoke and soot damage; especially in areas that are not being repaired. Continue cleaning the smoke damage repeatedly throughout the repairs and restoration.

Hiring A Professional Service to Do Fire Damage Restorations and Repairs to Ensure All Needed Repairs Are Completed

While there are many types of DIY repairs that can be done around your home, fire damage is not something you want to do yourself. It is important to get trained fire damage restoration experts to help with assessing the damage, cleaning up the mess, and doing all the repairs that are needed before you can move back into your home.

These damage reducing tips will help you keep the damage contained when you begin cleaning up and repairing your home after a fire. If you need help getting your home back to the way it was, contact a fire damage service for professional help with cleaning and restoring your home.