4 Benefits Of Using Dry Ice Cleaning To Remove Mold From Your Basement

Posted on: 19 October 2022


When mold grows in your house, it could damage your house or cause severe health hazards to your loved ones. Your basement is likely to have hidden mold that, if left unaddressed, could spread to other parts of your home. Professionals discourage homeowners from using DIY mold removal methods since most remedies often take a long time to yield noticeable results. One of the most effective removal techniques is dry ice cleaning. This piece will highlight reasons why professionals use dry ice pellets to remove mold.  

1. Fast Turnaround 

It would probably take weeks to scrap off mold from infected walls and floors in your basement when using traditional techniques like sanders and scrapers. However, mold removal specialists are knowledgeable and can help you remove the mold using the most effective methods.

Dry ice cleaning requires less time to remove mold from your home. The technique involves focusing a blasting gun on the affected area to dislodge the fungi from the surface. What would likely take you weeks, takes the professionals a few hours to complete. 

2. Less Messy

The method uses frozen carbon dioxide pellets. The product evaporates into the air after application. Therefore, dry ice mold removal leaves behind less waste than other techniques like scrapping and sandblasting. It also kills the spores, minimizing the risks of the fungi becoming airborne again. Reducing secondary waste makes clean-up easier and disposal costs cheaper. Professionals will also have an easier time cleaning up because of the reduced risks of fungi recontamination in the air.  

3. Reduce Humidity

The use of dry ice prevents the reintroduction of water into your environment. The pellets have no moisture content and mold only thrives where there is moisture. If you use water to remove the fungi, as most DIY methods suggest, there's a high chance the mold will regrow. 

Dry ice is free of moisture, making it safe to use near electrical appliances. Professionals also use the technique to remove mold from tiny spaces where electrical wiring could be placed. 

4. Eco-Friendly Solution

Are you worried that using fungicides to eliminate mold might cause environmental pollution and pose health risks? You can use dry ice blasting to protect the environment and your health. Carbon dioxide has no significant negative effects on the environment. Once the pellets evaporate, carbon dioxide can be absorbed and used by plants. 

These are some benefits of choosing dry ice to remove mold from your basement. Professionals will examine the state of your walls and floors and determine whether this is the right technique to apply. Therefore, you should contact professionals to inspect your property and remove mold.

Contact a local mold removal service, such as Disaster Masters, to learn more.