3 Hazards To Worry About When Doing Flood Damage Repairs

Posted on: 7 February 2018


Water causes a lot of damage to homes due to mechanical problems, natural disasters or leaks. When your home is flooded and there is damage, repairs need to be done, but to do repairs safely, there are some hazards you should be aware of. Some of the hazards you may have to deal with include raw sewage, damaged utilities, and contamination. Here are some of the hazards you should be aware of when doing water damage restorations:

1. Raw Sewage from Plumbing or Rising Flood Waters

When your home is flooded, there is more to worry about than just the water that gets in your home. Whether the flooding is due to heavy rains or drains flooding your home, the raw sewage in the water is a serious hazard that you should be aware of. If you are doing cleanup work yourself, you want to make sure that you use all the protective gear and avoid contact with the water that has been contaminated with raw sewage. In addition, materials in your home that have been in the water with raw sewage should be disposed of to ensure that there are no health hazards.

2. Contamination in Flood Water That Has Entered Your Home

Other contaminants are often in flood waters, such as fuels and chemicals. The contaminates that are in flood waters cause many hazards that you want to avoid. It is important to stay informed with local emergency management authorities to ensure you know off potential chemical hazards that pose a risk to your health and safety. Even if there are no formal warnings of contamination, it is always a good idea to wear protective gear when working in or near flood waters in developed areas.

3. Hazards Due to Damaged Utilities in Your Home 

Contamination is only one of the hazards that you should be aware of when cleaning flood and water damage to your home. Utilities are also a cause for concern, and you want to be aware of hazards from damage. Make sure that there are no live electrical lines in water before you begin cleanup work. In addition, if you smell gas, you will want to contact the utility company to let them know about the leak and stay out of the area until any leaks are repaired.

These are some of the hazards you will want to be aware of when doing water damage repairs. If you need help with cleanup and repairs, contact a water damage restoration service to help get the work done safely.